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The Bible text of this commentary is the World English Bible.

I chose this specifically because it is a Bible text that is outside copyright.

The words and expression seem quite close to the New International Version.

I started to study this book of Ephesians as part of my time with God every day. I decided to read a small amount and think about it a lot. I read one verse every day, and made some notes and comments on pieces of card. As each chapter was finished, I tied the cards together in bundles and stored them in a wooden box.

I didn’t really know if I could do anything with them. I didn’t really intend to.

As the time passed – years – they actually became increasingly precious to me and the words and thoughts made such a deep impression on my mind and Christian life.

When it was finished, I thought of making some kind of game with them. You could have the verse on one side and a comment or meaning on the other. I didn’t really know how it would work.

Most people who write comments about Scripture produce it as a book. This took hold in my mind. I supposed people might relate to the book, but what about a woman author. This was a commentary and I had never heard of a woman writing a commentary. I did a search on the internet. I found two names.

Did I really think anyone would be interested in a commentary written by me?

Probably not.

This book is not about me. It is about Christ and my devotion to Him.

If no one looks at it, so be it. It still stands.

It is self-published, because this is what I have access to.

I am so happy it is finished and that I was able to do this…

Shirley Sides