The commentary writer

I am a woman.

It shouldn’t much matter, but in the days we live in it seems to be very important.

There are a lot of attitudes that preclude men from reading this kind of material, written by a woman, and the church of Christ misses out on their outlook and comment on the Word of God.

The scripture that instructs women to be silent in church, is interpreted to be applied to all situations and that somehow all men have authority over every woman. It is worrying that so few seem to speak about this issues, and that women really are “silent.”

I would ask all Christians to take my work as it is and maybe God will speak to you through this book.

The deep joy I have experienced in writing this book over many years, has made the work so blessed to me, as God has spoken to me as I study and write. There is no love like His love, and no joy like the joy of the Holy Spirit. To know the truths of God applied daily in our lives, will make us alive and vibrant as we serve Christ and encourage each other.

I pray this book will be a blessing to you and others you might share it with…